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Mark H. Walker


Naval Officer, Explosive Ordnance Disposal and Diver, United States Navy 
Feb 1980 to June 1997

  • On hands experience in diving, bomb disposal, and personnel management.
  • Highest Rank obtained: Commander

Independent Writer and Game Designer
Oct 1990 to present.

  • Penned Forty-one books including Visio Inside-Out, The Visio Bible, How to Use the Internet, Xbox Fan, Games That Sell, The Video Games Almanac, Parents Guide to PlayStation Games, and numerous strategy guides including Age of Empires II (MSPress) and Diablo: Battlenet.
  • Wrote three novels, A Craving for Blood, World at War: Revelation, and Everyone Dies in the End, and numerous short stories.
  • Composed over three hundred articles (features, reviews, analysis, and fiction) on computer, video games, auto racing, science fiction and technology for Microsoft, Autoweek, Armchair General, Alaska Airlines Magazine, Playboy, Computer Gaming World, Computer Games Strategy Plus, PCGamer, Electric Playground, Incite, Gamecenter, and The Science Fiction Channel.
  • Founded Lock 'n Load Publishing, and grew company exponentially in six years as its owner.
  • Games Editor for the Armchair General (125K circulation print).
  • Wrote The Wargamer column for PCGamer and GameGuy syndicated Internet column. Columns analyzed the computer gaming industry and provided a humorous insight into trends and events.
  • Designer of Mark H. Walker’s Lock ‘n Load (www.locknloadgame.com), an award winning (2003 Historical Simulation Game of the Year) board game. Designed several conflict simulations on topics including the World at War series, the White Star Rising series, The Battle of Gettysburg, The Battle of Guilford Courthouse, Ia Drang, Valley of Tears, and Omaha Beach. Thorough knowledge of military tactics and how to write about them.
  • Co-Founded and served as Inside PlayStation2Games.com’s Executive Editor.
  • Founder and principle writer for Over da Edge, a blog on writing, gaming, and life.


  • University of North Carolina at Greensboro, BA Psychology, Masters in Warfighting and International Relations, Naval War College, Newport, RI.