Dark War: Retribution

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It's 1985

West Germany teeters on the brink of defeat. The American V Corps is all but crushed, and Soviet armored formations rush to the French border. In a small town near the North Sea, a temporary POW camp holds hundreds of NATO soldiers... and a terrible secret that could turn the tide of battle.

Retribution is my fourth novel. It combines a gritty military thriller with creepy paranormal elements. If you like fast-paced, authentic action, you'll like Retribution. If you like a twist of the unknown, you'll like it even better. Thundering tank battles, crackling firefights, and thrilling, comic-book inspired combat between werewolves and vampire, an ancient witch and a dedicated order of warrior priests, it's all here, AND some pretty damn fine art to back it up, AND a not-too-shabby skirmish/RPG, AND it's all coming to Kickstarter on February 9th at 10AM. Be there or be square. You can go to here for more info.

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