It’s the summer of 1985. Sergeant Matt Dahl is a tanker, dedicated to his crew and country, Mike Hudson is a private dedicated only to himself, and Colonel Michael Balakirev is a Russian paratrooper, intent on holding the Tanenhause Bridge. These men are among the hundreds of thousands that are embroiled in the Third World War, embroiled in NATO’s struggle to stall the Soviet advance through West Germany.

Yet the unparalleled devastation wrought by the war has torn the fabric of our reality and beckoned things, dark things, things that feed on blood and fear, into the lives of these soldiers and the men and woman who fight with them. Revelation contains more than the crack of tank cannon, or the burp of an M-16’s three-round burst. Inside is also the howl of a Lycan, the speed of an attacking vampire, and the dark evil of an ancient demon. Click here.

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