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Everyone Dies in the End 

Four survivors of a nuclear holocaust struggle to reach Philadelphia, each for his or her own reason. In their way stand gangers, cannibals, vampires, and on arrival, the megalomaniac ruler of Philadelphia, a man named Vader.  At stake is the survival of the city, and the elimination of a Russian super weapon.  In an America ravaged by nuclear weapons, life continues. It is not, however, the life that existed before. Enticed by humanity on the brink of destruction, vampires, witches, and beings whose powers defy simplistic descriptions, roam the post apocalyptic landscape. Against this backdrop of destruction, the four travelers fight through the remnants of invading armies, cannibalistic survivors, and soulless vampires, to reach one of the few cities in which civilization still stands, Philadelphia. 

Will these four survivors succeed, or will everyone die in the end? Click here to get your copy today. 

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